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Miami Private Investigator can find the Evidence You Need

miami private investigator find evidenceHave you found yourself wrongfully terminated from your job, or seriously injured as the result of another person’s negligence? If either of these events has affected your life, you need a Miami private investigator to help collect the evidence necessary for your civil trial.

Personal Injury Evidence

During a personal injury civil trial, you and your attorney will need a lot of information gathered to prepare your case. The evidence will need to be collected early and quickly so your attorney can make your case properly.

A Miami private investigator will be able to gather witness accounts and physical evidence which is needed to be collected quickly. Witnesses can become unclear of details if too much time elapses and material evidence can be lost or misplaced if not gathered right away. A Miami private investigator can get out on the streets, on the phone, or whatever action is possible to ensure you have the best defense possible.

A Miami private investigator will become your personal detective as they gather data and details regarding the incident. If the injury is a result of an automobile accident, they can speak to public safety personnel, obtain scene photographs and videos if available, and even recreate the accident to prove fault or neglect. In some instances, the investigation done through a Miami private investigator can turn up new evidence to make your case even stronger.

Wrongful Termination

Being terminated from employment causes mental anguish, financial struggles, and can put a mark on your future employment opportunities. If you feel you’ve been wrongfully dismissed due to discrimination, retaliation, your employer did not follow proper termination procedures, or were let go because you would not perform an illegal act, you have an opportunity to file a case against your employer.

A Miami private investigator helps you uncover evidence necessary to file a claim in civil court for wrongful termination. A company cannot legally terminate your employment for any of the above reasons, and with the help of a Miami private investigator, it can be proven their actions were not justifiable. Witness testimony and surveillance are the best tools used to provide you with the evidence needed to determine your case.

Miami private investigators can help you find evidence needed for life-altering events. With a wealth of experience in a variety of investigations, they can uncover the truth.

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Miami Private Investigation Uncovers the Truth

Miami private investigationYou never know when an event will occur that begins to spin your world out of control. Often it is just a suspicious action that makes you believe someone is cheating, or a business partner suddenly disappears, or your ex-spouse declares they can no longer afford child support. Miami private investigation can explore these events and uncover the truth.

These are all life-altering events that will impact your future. You will want evidence and proof to either confront the individual with or to present to the courts. Miami private investigation works diligently to uncover the truth and provide you with written reports or taped events to reveal any misdoings you suspect are occurring.

Trained, Licensed, and Experienced

Miami private investigation will provide you with security professionals who know their way around the information world. Investigations are conducted in whatever legal manner is available to uncover evidence you need to file a civil suit against another, confront a partner with infidelity, or prove to the court your ex-spouse is capable of providing for the children.

Fast and Affordable Investigations

Miami private investigation can uncover the truth behind your suspicions using bug sweeps, GPS tracking, background searches, asset and bank searches, photo and video surveillance or any other legal means it takes to discover if your future is at stake.

Miami private investigation uses top-of-the-line resources along with skilled and knowledgeable investigators and will not allow you to be surprised with hidden data that could ruin you personally or professionally. Communicating with you throughout the investigation keeps you informed of all details as they come uncovered.

If You End Up in Court

Should the information uncovered land you in court, Miami private investigation will have the information you need for a civil trial. It is vital to have someone on your side who is experienced, trained and knows their way around the legal system there to support and represent you in court.

Miami private investigations will ensure your rights as a citizen are protected. Evidence against you can be thoroughly evaluated as well as your evidence correctly presented. Miami private investigation evidence will help you have a successful trial and better outcome at trial to protect your future.

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Fort Lauderdale Private Investigator Provides You Fast Affordable Service

Fort Lauderdale private investigatorLife can be going smoothly with all your expectations seemingly falling into place when suddenly one day an event occurs to spin everything out of control. It can be a suspicious phone call leading you to believe your partner is cheating, a loved one suddenly disappears, or a trusted nanny begins to act unusually.

Any of these events can send alarm bells ringing meaning your life is about to be turned upside down. Before you react, investigate. A Fort Lauderdale private investigator can look into these situations to reveal if there is any evidence that may validate your concerns.

Uncover Infidelity

You may have entered a relationship thinking it would last a lifetime when suddenly an action or a phone call changes everything. If you think your spouse, girl or boyfriend, or partner is cheating on you, Fort Lauderdale Private Investigator can uncover the truth.

As a Fort Lauderdale private investigator, it is possible to follow your partner using GPS tracking to find out where they are going and discover what their activity involves. Field surveillance is one of the best methods used to watch your partner’s movements and determine if your suspicions are valid or if you have misunderstood their actions.

Find a Missing Person

If someone you care about or someone you are doing business with suddenly disappears, Fort Lauderdale Private Investigators can help you locate them.

Losing contact with someone you care about can cause emotional turmoil in your life. If you have been doing business with an individual who suddenly disappears can be financially crippling. In either case, a Fort Lauderdale private investigator can trace this person for you even if they have changed their name, moved into another area or uncover any other form used to hide one’s identity.

Investigate a Background

Hiring someone new to care for your children or help you in a business venture can often be risky. You want to ensure you are hiring a responsible, honest, and reliable person before placing your trust in them. Fort Lauderdale private investigator can conduct one of the most thorough background checks possible.

Before you hire that new nanny, allow a new tenant into your building, or place your trust on a new business partner, contact Fort Lauderdale private investigator to protect those you love and keep your future safe.

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A cheap private investigator can get the work done

Cheap private investigator can get work doneHow a Private Investigator Can Help You

Many of you may have the Hollywood version of the cheap private investigator in your mind. The ones that drive around in flashy cars and break the law to deliver information, able to hack into any computer system and other sensationalistic personalities.

The truth behind the cheap private investigator is they are not magicians and will not break the law to help you gain information. They are professionals who know where to look for people and find information to assist you in situations where you’ve been unsuccessful.

The services of an investigator can vary, but it is possible in South Florida to locate a cheap private investigator that has the experience, resources, and tools to look into email accounts, social media accounts, and even bank accounts, with your permission, to find details related to situations you want investigated.

What Can’t a Private Investigator Do?

An investigator, even a cheap private investigator, will not break the law for you. They are required to follow the law just as you must. Phone lines and computers are also subject to the law and cannot be tapped or broke into for information under privacy laws. They do have the know-how for looking into public records to locate personal and corporate details.

Services a Cheap Private Investigator Can Perform

One of the best ways to collect evidence you may need on someone or some action, surveillance is the best method to use. A cheap private investigator can perform this without the threat of running into legal problems. Wanting to know where someone is spending their time or how someone is spending their time makes surveillance ideal for finding the truths.

A cheap private investigator has access to databases and resources that you can’t get into along with the experience and knowledge on how to use them. If you need a background check for potential daycare or nanny, want to locate someone from your past, or perhaps want to look into an adoption file, the cheap private investigator will help find the solution you need.

A South Florida Private Investigator is an affordable answer for you to solve a question regarding a cheating partner, help gain child support information, perform detailed background checks, and more. Using proven tactics, they find the details necessary to use as evidence and provide it for you in writing.

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Private Investigators in Florida Investigate Employee Theft and Embezzlement

Private investigators in floridaIf you’ve noticed your profits are slipping or inventory isn’t matching sales records, you may have an employee who is stealing from your company. If you’ve seen your financials are not at levels you would expect, you may be experiencing embezzlement of your funds. These actions are not easy to prove, and accusations may bring about legal action. Private investigators in Florida can help you obtain proof of employee theft before you attempt to fire an individual.

Employee Theft

It is a serious threat to the future of your business when an employee begins to steal your products or funds. When you first suspect someone of this crime, it is an instinct to fire them immediately, however; this action could cause them to file legal action against you if there is no proof of their actions. Private investigators in Florida can uncover the evidence you need to register your own legal action and remove the employee from your company.

Employee theft may start small. This form of theft is reported to be costing businesses more than $50 billion a year with thieves starting out by just taking small amounts from petty cash, misrepresenting expense accounts, or filing false reimbursement forms. The longer an employee works for you, the more they will take away from your profits.

Wrongful termination can cause you legal complications and loss of morale among other employees. If you suspect employee theft, seek the help from private investigators in Florida to uncover the theft and provide you with the proof you need for proper termination. Early accusations without evidence can result in the potential thief hiding their actions and make proving theft harder or impossible.

Private investigators in Florida can begin an investigation of those you suspect by running background checks to look for prior history or look at your internal process to narrow down potential employees who may be involved. This form of investigation will build a case to find the potential thief before any wrong assumptions are made.

Hiring private investigators in Florida will prevent your business running into difficult legal situations or causing a moral crisis within your employees. Private investigators in Florida will keep your investigation of employee theft objective and avoid the situation getting out of hand by uncovering the evidence you need for the proper legal action.

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Private Investigator Ft Lauderdale can help Prove Elder Abuse

Private investigator Ft Lauderdale elder abuseIf you have placed a loved one in a nursing facility or have hired someone to care for them and fear their care or financial welfare is jeopardized, a private investigator Ft Lauderdale can find the proof you need to file charges. Any suspicions concerning elder abuse should be reported to the authorities immediately, however; their intervention may not solve the issue.

Elder abuse is defined as, “an intentional act, or failure to act, by a caregiver or another person in a relationship involving an expectation of trust that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult.” The abuse can in the form of financial abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, neglect, physical abuse, or sexual abuse. If you suspect someone you know, or someone you love is subject to any form of this abuse contact a private investigator Ft Lauderdale to help find proof for legal litigation.

Why use Private Investigator Ft Lauderdale?

Abuse of any form should be reported to the authorities. Along with reporting the abuse, you can help protect the victim by having a Private Investigator Ft Lauderdale find the proof you need relating to the nature of the abuse. This evidence will assist the authorities and the victim when the case is presented in court.

Private investigator Ft Lauderdale will be able to establish the form of abuse and that it is in fact occurring. They will identify who the abuser or abusers are by collecting evidence to support the allegation. This data will assist the prosecution should the case go to court. In many cases, if the private investigator Ft Lauderdale first-hand witnesses physical abuse during their investigation, they can remove your loved one from the situation and get them to a safe location.

How Private Investigator Ft Lauderdale will Uncover Abuse

Private investigator Ft Lauderdale will use surveillance and covert operations to uncover abuse. Cameras will be hidden to capture incidents of physical or emotional abuse. They can also search criminal records; perform employment verification, conduct asset searches and more to uncover information needed to validate abuse.

Do not waste time if you in any way suspect a loved one is suffering from elder abuse. Private investigator Ft Lauderdale will conduct a thorough investigation to make sure your loved one is safe, and the abuser cannot hurt anyone else.

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Miami Private Investigators are experienced in Uncovering Insurance Fraud

Miami private investigators uncovering fraudIf you think you’ve been the victim of insurance fraud, there is a good chance you have been. Insurance fraud is a thriving industry costing Americans more than $80 billion a year. Those who try to bilk insurance companies often lead trails of evidence but finding it can become time-consuming and difficult.  Miami private investigators have the experience, knowledge, and resources to investigate insurance fraud.

Fraudulent Claims

Your insurance company may use statistical analysis and other technology to flag potentially fraudulent claims, but when you need actual investigative foot-work done, you need a Miami private investigator. Miami private investigators are able to perform stakeouts to watch an individual’s activity if they are falsely claiming a disability. They can also conduct advanced web research to aid in your evidence gathering. These procedures will help you establish the evidence you need to justify denying a claim. You may even be able to use the information found to bring legal action against the claimant for falsely filing a claim.

Investigations Uncover Proof

Miami private investigators will find the proof you need that all parties involved in a claim are being honest and correct. Getting out in the field is their specialty, and they interview all parties involved with the claim. These interviews will include the claimant as well as physicians if necessary, contractors or whoever else is responsible for providing verification regarding the claim.

Some car crash victims are actually a result of a ‘car crash ring.’ If you or your company suspects you are receiving a claim as a result of one of these groups, Miami private investigators are able to delve into this claim and find proof if it was not a legit automobile accident. They can also look into arrest and criminal records to determine if an individual has past convictions for fraud. Looking into an individual’s financial well-being, credit scores, or past insurance experiences can provide interesting insights of a case.

The information gathered from checking one’s background will not positively indicate insurance fraud, but Miami private investigators can find you the information needed to put a claim under stricter scrutiny. Physical evidence will also aid you in detecting fraud, and Miami private investigators are skilled at analyzing and collecting all pieces that are relevant to a claim.

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A Private Investigator in Miami can Investigate a Missing Person

private investigator in miami investigate missing personWhen someone you love goes missing, it is a serious matter. As soon as you realize they have disappeared, it is imperative a search begin right away to locate them. A private investigator in Miami can help you investigate a missing person.

The Search Must Begin Right Away

The search for a missing person must be initiated as soon as possible to limit the distance they could have traveled. Time is of the essence to gather clues to determine where they could have gone. A private investigator in Miami will help you through the steps to locate your loved one.

The authorities will need to be notified so the message is spread and a report is filed with your local police department. If the one you are looking for is over the age of 18, the authorities can only do so much as adults have the right to go where they wish. A private investigator in Miami can conduct an investigation regardless of the missing person’s age.

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Contact National Missing and Unidentified Persons System

The US Department of Justice runs the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs). Through their database, a missing person’s file can be created on your loved one to be shared with organizations and agencies across the country. This file will help spread the awareness of the person and make the search stronger.

How a Private Investigator in Miami Can Help Locate a Missing Person

A private investigator in Miami can check all local jails and hospitals for your loved one. Even if your missing person has never had issues with the police, it is still necessary to check the jail system to see if they have been arrested. Hospitals also need to be checked in case they have been a victim of an accident.

A private investigator in Miami will have the resources to check the multiple social media platforms and know what to look for in postings and weird interactions. They can also access their phone records and look to see where it has been used and track the location.

A private investigator in Miami has access to programs, software, and databases you do not have and can track an individual easier. They have established networks with other private investigators to communicate with and are able to dedicate all their time to your search.

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Private Investigator in Fort Lauderdale can Investigate a Cheating Partner

Private investigator in fort lauderdaleThe number one reason for couples splitting or divorcing is the result of one of the partners cheating on the other. Infidelity is one of the most stressful and damaging events that can occur between two people who have vowed to be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives. A private investigator in Fort Lauderdale can help you investigate your partner’s activity if you suspect it is happening to you.

When Should You Hire a Private Investigator in Fort Lauderdale?

Hiring a private investigator in Fort Lauderdale when you think your partner is being unfaithful is a big leap in a relationship. This act is not something you want to jump into unless you have strong reasons to believe infidelity is occurring as it could damage a good relationship if there were no threats to start.

When the suspicions warrant an investigation, hiring a private investigator in Fort Lauderdale can ensure you are treated fairly in the divorce proceedings. Proving infidelity can also improve the outcome of the divorce when filing with the courts. Alienation of Affection law means that you can show your relationship was solid and you were happy before the other individual entered your partner’s life.

A private investigator in Fort Lauderdale can uncover expenses your partner may have spent on their lover. If infidelity is proven, your partner may be charged a financial penalty during the court proceedings which will be deducted from their marital assets. While Florida is a ‘no-fault’ divorce state and the courts except the reasoning behind the split as the union is ‘irretrievably broken’; adultery will impact the court’s decision regarding custody and property division.

Hire a Private Investigator in Fort Lauderdale for Peace of Mind

Doubting your partner can be extremely stressful. The fear of not knowing may be causing you undue anxiety and affecting your relationship. People have hired a private investigator in Fort Lauderdale to put their fears to rest. Whether you decide to use the evidence gathered during the investigation for separation or not, the fact that you know what events are occurring can give you peace of mind.

The bottom line is if you feel there is any chance of unfaithfulness happening in your relationship; the only way forward is to hire a private investigator in Fort Lauderdale.

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Private Investigators in Miami Florida can Perform Background Checks

When someone new enters your life or the life of a loved one, it can be scary. If this person is not someone from the local area, has no connections with anyone you know, and has no family ties in the community, you cannot be sure of their character and no one to check with to answer any questions you might have. Private investigators in Miami Florida can conduct a background check to verify a person’s credibility.

What to Expect from a Background Check

Private investigators in Miami Florida can perform a background check to uncover employment records, financial information, or military service records. Information discovered will depend on your need and which areas of the person’s life you question. Security checks are far more in-depth than personal ones, but investigators can uncover almost any type of information you need.

Private investigators in Miami Florida can locate records on a person that you would not find on a simple automated background check. They can uncover files that have been sealed or expunged and files with maiden or previous names associated with them. The investigator will perform the foot-work of looking up old newspaper stories and other news sources to find what you need.

private investigators in Miami florida

Background Check on Financial Records

When private investigators in Miami Florida look into the financial records of an individual, they can uncover a lot of details about that person’s judgment, reliability, and lifestyle. Documents showing a person has filed bankruptcy would indicate they are not good with money and other information could lead one to discover they are involved with shady financial dealings.

Background Check on Personal Details

Regular background checks do not generally contain personal details, but this can be uncovered and reported when requested. Private investigators in Miami Florida can discover and sort through more information than just a person’s home address or previous name. They can uncover information such as known associates, social media accounts, past relationships and more. This information will provide an idea of what type of character the person has and whether they have ulterior motives in their relation to you or a loved one.

You may want the background of an individual checked for numerous reasons such as a new tenant, a new relationship, or as a new employee. Private investigators in Miami Florida can uncover the information you need.