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When Bureaucracy Fails, Private investigators in Florida Give You Options

private investigators in floridaSomeone is missing that you need to find. Going to the police isn’t getting results. Private investigators in Florida can help, whether the person is missing or hiding.

Police in every city do missing persons cases a different way. Some departments have special units. Others give cases to detectives. Overworked police may not actively search. A few reasons bureaucracy may fail you:

  • No suspicious circumstances
  • Missing person is a juvenile or adult
  • Person is voluntarily missing or hiding

A Florida private investigation handles things differently…  Read more

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How Much Does A Private Investigator Cost? Less Than You Think

how much does a private investigator costHow much does a private investigator cost for a long-term case? Do those costs vary? What options do you have? Well, quite a few. Private investigator costs vary based on region, case, and the investigator you’re looking to hire.

What you can expect is an hourly expense. The PI has to cover also travel costs, lodging, and other incidentals. This may just be reflected in the miles he drives to follow a subject. Read more

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A cheap private investigator can get the work done

Cheap private investigator can get work doneHow a Private Investigator Can Help You

Many of you may have the Hollywood version of the cheap private investigator in your mind. The ones that drive around in flashy cars and break the law to deliver information, able to hack into any computer system and other sensationalistic personalities.

The truth behind the cheap private investigator is they are not magicians and will not break the law to help you gain information. They are professionals who know where to look for people and find information to assist you in situations where you’ve been unsuccessful. Read more

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Did You Meet Someone Online? Boca Raton private investigator

Sadly, there are all kinds of scammers in the world of dating.  Generally speaking those taken advantage of are women, and in our area, we have many cases in Boca Raton.
These women tend to be financially secure, over 50 years of age, and recently widowed or divorced. Many are new to the world of online dating. This makes them susceptible to scam artists and fraud.boca-raton-private-investigator

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Stories from a Miami private investigator

I’ve been a Miami Private Investigator in South Florida for many years, and I’ve had numerous cases involving the less fortunate and homeless people. It can pose challenges when trying to find someone, but a good Miami private investigator perseveres.  A private investigator in Broward County or Miami Dade has almost too many places to start.  The more information a client can provide, such as relevant pictures, last contact date, etc., the better the odds become for finding the person.

Missing person cases, for the most part, involve assisting family Read more