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private investigator in fort lauderdaleDo you feel that your partner or significant other is acting unfaithfully? Do you need to find a missing person? Or perhaps you want a background check for a potential business partner or a new employee? If so, then a private investigator in Fort Lauderdale agency can help.

Fast Affordable Investigations Inc. is a leading investigation agency servicing Fort Lauderdale, among other areas. It is an all-inclusive private investigation agency dedicated to helping you unravel the truth about any particular situation or individual.

With a blend of innovative, proven techniques coupled with the latest CPS tracking and video surveillance technology, Fast Affordable Investigations has earned a reputation for being a professional and discreet service. With an experienced and affordable private detective on your side, you can rest assured that you will get results as soon as possible, depending on the scope of the case.

Why Hire Us?

We are genuinely the only private investigators in Fort Lauderdale that offers a comprehensive package that includes the following services: cheating spouse investigations, background searches, GPS tracking investigations, asset and bank searches, missing person investigations, security services, pre-employment screening, civil investigations and criminal defense, and debugging investigations, among others.

Our Fort Lauderdale private Investigator utilizes state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to obtain video and photos from great distances, which reduces the likelihood of detection. We assure you that:

    • You will receive customized attention to meet your specific case needs
    • You will discover that no other private investigator in Fort Lauderdale is as accessible as us. Call us day or night to speak to a live investigator in one hour.
    • The same investigator will handle your case from your initial consultation to the completion date.
    • We provide conclusive results without detection, which is our guaranteed difference from other agencies around.


A Trustworthy Fort Lauderdale Private Investigator

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Infidelity Investigations

For discrete infidelity investigations, we are the go-to private detective Fort Lauderdale residents trust. If you suspect your girlfriend, partner, or spouse of cheating, you will need proof for both your peace of mind and any separation or divorce proceedings that follow.

When you hire our private investigator in Fort Lauderdale, rest assured that the investigation will go on undiscovered by your spouse. We further provide surveillance services for custody, divorce, and other cases that benefit from photo and video surveillance.

Missing Persons Investigations

Trust us to leave no stone unturned to find a mission person you are looking for, whether it’s a loved one, a business partner, or a person of interest in a private matter. Losing contact with a loved one can take an emotional toll on both your personal and business life. Hence, it is helpful to hire an experienced professional investigator with no vested emotional interest in the matter to find the person for you.

Background Investigations

It is always a good idea to investigate the background of a new employee, babysitter, tenant, business partner, or an angel investor. You need assurance that you are entrusting your personal and business affairs to trustworthy, reliable, and responsible persons. A Fort Lauderdale private investigator can conduct a thorough background check on your behalf.

The Bottom Line

Our private investigator Fort Lauderdale office remains dedicated to a professional and discreet approach. What’s more, our comprehensive service package and our high-tech surveillance and debugging equipment are more than enough to meet any of your investigative needs.

Feel free to browse through our online articles to learn about the general functions of a private detective in Fort Lauderdale and our services in particular. Also, feel free to contact us anytime at 954-200-8945 for your free consultation, to hire our services, or to find out why we are the leading private investigator Fort Lauderdale trusts.

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