When Bureaucracy Fails, Private investigators in Florida Give You Options

November 1, 2019
November 1, 2019 Justin Ladenthin

private investigators in floridaSomeone is missing that you need to find. Going to the police isn’t getting results. Private investigators in Florida can help, whether the person is missing or hiding.

Police in every city do missing persons cases a different way. Some departments have special units. Others give cases to detectives. Overworked police may not actively search. A few reasons bureaucracy may fail you:

  • No suspicious circumstances
  • Missing person is a juvenile or adult
  • Person is voluntarily missing or hiding

A Florida private investigation handles things differently… 

When you hire a private investigator in Florida, they are working for you. They will search for Florida missing persons that the police won’t, such as:

  • Cold cases: investigators help when people are missing for a long time.
  • Debtors: if someone owes you money and disappears, a private investigator in Florida can help.
  • Runaways: authorities don’t consider missing teens serious reports.
  • Voluntary disappearances: a Florida private investigation can reunite you with loved ones.

If you’re frustrated with the authorities and feel lost in the bureaucratic shuffle, a private investigator in Florida can answer questions, provide guidance and get started on the case.

You may wonder…

Can a Florida private investigator find someone better than the police? They use a number of techniques to locate missing persons. Just a few of them are:

  • Investigative techniques such as background checks, questioning witnesses, and isolating suspects.
  • Physical searches over terrain most people don’t have access to. They may perform searches over land, sky and sea.
  • Private investigators in Florida will put time into surveillance, waiting at places missing persons are likely to be,
  • Using networks of information, such as other Florida private investigators and paid informants.

If you’re hoping a Florida private investigator can find your missing person, call us. We can answer your questions and start your free quote today.